Planning Your Wedding...Without Losing Your Mind

Taking the Chaos out of Building a Marriage

The idea for Planning Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind came to me when I lost a friend at her wedding.

I mean, not at her wedding. It’s not like she got married in a labyrinth!

More like I lost her because of her wedding. And, while the details of that particular wedding will come out more fully over time, the whole situation made me so sad. Here was a gorgeous, intelligent, funny woman who had turned mean and unrecognizableAnd I knew that other people felt it too.

It made me think…how could we take the chaos out of planning a wedding?



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There had to be a secret to this!

Having been a bridesmaid several times, sung in a few more weddings and attended even more, I’ve stood by several friends while they’ve planned their wedding. And what is most striking to me is how often they were encouraged to focus more on the wedding and less on the marriage.


When I stopped to think about it, I realized that so much of my training and work as a life and business coach for over 7 years applied to wedding planning. The need for clear communication, the ability to stay grounded amidst chaos, the skills to make confident decisions…it all applied in the world of planning a wedding as much (if not more) as in business and life!

And then I got engaged.

Suddenly, all of the ideas that I had had about Planning a Wedding Without Losing Your Mind became incredibly real and tangible. Was it really possible? Could I get through the process of planning our wedding and maintain my sanity? Could I keep my focus on the relationship rather than the reception?


Little did my fiance know that he had just created a lab within which I could test my theories on building a marriage rather than just planning a wedding.


Initially I started creating this as a book; however, it morphed into a website when I realized that there are so many books out there on planning a wedding that most brides don’t have the time to read. How could I get the word out to women that there is indeed a way to enjoy the process of planning their wedding and also building a relationship that is marriage-worthy at the same time? How could I share my experience as it unfolded? Plus, I also wanted to invite industry professionals to weigh in on their best stress-busting tips.


My sincereset hope is that this site will be a resource for those of you who crave the wedding of your dreams as a kick off to the marriage you’ve also been dreaming about, all brought about with humor and as little stress as possible.