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My name is Bevin Lynch — and I love love love weddings! (I also LOVE my sweetie, who is currently planning our wedding with me. That’s us below…isn’t he cute?!)

View More: http://apluslphoto.pass.us/bevinmarkI’ve been a professional life coach, event planner and project manager for seven years…and a bridesmaid and a wedding singer and now a bride myself. I couldn’t help but notice, as I planned my own wedding (and helped plan my sisters’ and friends’ weddings) how easy it is to totally lose your mind while you are planning a wedding.

I knew there had to be a way to help women all over the world keep their sanity during this crazy process and also help them continue to build super strong relationships with their sweeties so that once the wedding is over, a truly beautiful marriage can begin right away.

And so Planning Your Wedding Without Losing Your Mind was born.

My whole goal with this site is to bring more peace and humor to your life, as well as some insight into the planning process from wedding professionals from across the country.

I try to be as transparent about my own moments of losing my mind as possible (because, hey, isn’t it great to know that you’re not alone in this?!)

And I’ll be featuring audio interviews with industry experts, along with photo stories of real weddings (come on, we all love a little “wedding porn!”) and real life stories from brides who have gone before…and made it out the other side!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this site….and revel in this exciting time of your life!!!

Sending you love and laughter along your planning journey,


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