I declare this a good day!

18 months ago today, I met the love of my life…

In 10 months, I will walk down the aisle and become his wife….

I declare this a good day!


Not only is it a day that I am excited to celebrate with my sweetie, but I also got to reflect on what we have accomplished for the wedding. See, on milestone days like this (if you’re planning your wedding, I’m sure you’re aware of this), you get a lovely email reminder from any planning sites that you’re signed up with about “What You Must Do NOW!”

And I got such an email!

It actually made me feel SUPER accomplished! See, as you now, I’m an admitted planner. And so after we got engaged, I jumped right in to making decisions for our wedding. Not necessarily because I needed to know all of the details right away…more because once a decision becomes clear to me, I make it.

Found the perfect venue? Sign the contract.

Love that photographer’s energy? Book ’em.

Found the right dress? Buy it. (Don’t worry….there’s still more to “The Stress of the Dress”….stay tuned!)

I know that there is still a LONG way to go over the next 10 months. But just being able to look at the checklist I was sent and mentally tick a few of the items off felt really great. And not just because I am a firm believer in all of the research on how we get endorphins each time we cross something off our to-do list. But also because, with big decisions made, I can focus on details. 

My checklist includes all the big things that must happen — invitations, dress, reception space, cake, etc. But it also includes a lot of special details — handmade favors, Christmas Tree Topper (because we’re getting married in December), silly little surprises throughout the weekend…

Until the BIG things are taken care of, it’s hard to make space for the little things. Just like you probably put your sofa in your living room first and then added the lamps, art work, accent pieces…it’s the same with planning. You have to at least get some of the big things taken care of before you can fill in the space around them. You know, like the date and at least the city and maybe, I don’t know, who you’d like at the end of that aisle. 🙂

Here are just a few of the things that I can already check off the list that are supposed to get done this month:

  • Scout and book reception space (done!)

  • Settle on wedding colors (done!)

  • Create wedding website (done…and a blog on the side! 🙂 )

  • Sign catering contract (done!)

  • Start shopping for wedding dresses (weepily done!)

  • Start your registry (er….done. But definitely needs work.)

So, not everything is done yet. Which is good! Because our wedding day is not tomorrow. There’s still lots of time to enjoy the planning process, enjoy our engagement, and enjoy each other.

I see many more good day declarations on the horizon!

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