Oh, the Pressure of Pinterest

What did brides do before Pinterest?!?!

Oh, I know. They planned their weddings without the pressure of living up to all of these amazing brides who create customized shoe covers for each guest, on the off chance that it might be raining or snowing in July.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a DIY-er. I love making little gifts for my sweetie and I’m super excited about all of the details that we are creating together to make the day a special one. But with the advent of Pinterest, I feel so much pressure to go WAY above and beyond addressing my own invitations.


When speaking with my sister she remarked, “I really don’t know if I could have planned my wedding with the way the internet is these days.”

Now, my sister did a lot of her own details at her wedding. We made the invitations, the place cards…she even sewed a quilt from the muslin squares that each of the guests had made and mailed to her, which became the backdrop that she got married in front of.

Seriously…great DIY bride!

But these days, it seems that that simply would not have been enough. Place cards made from clear labels on card stock? Puh-lease!!! Don’t even talk to me unless you have cut down your own maple tree, cut it into even (yet each unique) slices and burned each guests name into one.

And perhaps a pithy little quote that reminds you of each person.

And for sure you will be serving the maple syrup from that same tree over the fluffy, delicious pancakes at your send-off brunch.


Again, don’t get me wrong…Pinterest has served me well as the inspiration board for some cute, fun details that we’ll be incorporating into our celebration. But it is so easy to be sucked into overwhelm when images of these exceedingly romantic, yet time consuming and ultimately minute details, are so readily available.

It’s been a challenge for me to decide where to draw the line on how many details  we will hand-design in the devlopment of our wedding.

At what point does it become overload and there are so many subtle features that none of them are actually noticed?

This is a question that I need to sit with…maybe even give it a place card next to mine at every table at which I eat for the next year.

Now, excuse me….it’s time to go water my maple tree.


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