The Bridesmaid’s Best Friend – The Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Bridesmaid Possible!

So you’re going to be a bridesmaid!

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor and can be very exciting. Someone you love dearly, perhaps a sister or best friend, is getting married and they want you by their side the whole time. How awesome!


Being a bridesmaid can absolutely strengthen your relationship with the bride, but it can also be stressful. And expensive. And demanding. How not awesome!

I want to be your best friend through this whole process….so I’m going to walk you through all the basics of how to be a kick-ass bridesmaid so that you and your bride come out the other side with amazing memories and a stronger friendship…instead of wanting to kill each other.

Your goal as a bridesmaid is to help make her wedding planning process and wedding day happy and wonderful.

Technically, all you have to do is:

  • Buy the dress she asks you to buy and make sure it fits.

  • Show up sober and on time on wedding day.

Yup, technically that’s the absolute minimum you have to do to check the box as “a bridesmaid.” There always seems to be one bridesmaid who does the absolute minimum.

Don’t be that girl!

Let’s be real — your friend asked you to be in her wedding because she loves you…and you said “yes” because you love her right back. So let’s talk about what’s really expected when you say “yes” to standing up for (and with) your bride on her wedding day.

And just for fun, I’m going to include all of the traditional elements…as well as a few special things you can do to get a gold star sticker.

Right After Her Engagement

  • Congratulate her! Hug her. Get excited with her. Jump up and down and squeal. Spin around in circles together. Celebrate this fantastic moment in her life with gusto!

  • Help plan an Engagement Party or Engagement Dinner (not all brides want this but definitely check in with her — and if she wants one, go for it!)

  • Gold Star Tip: Always offer rather than waiting to be asked by the bride. She won’t want to impose on you…but if you ask, I guarantee she’ll be very appreciative.

The Engagement Party

  • Show up early to help set up (even if you weren’t involved in the planning, she’ll definitely appreciate some extra help day of!)

  • Come looking fabulous and dressed appropriately for whatever type of event was planned.

  • Bring a small gift like a bottle of wine, kitchen towels or a gift card to the couple’s favorite restaurant.

  • Gold Star Tip: Have a great time and mingle with the guests. Don’t be a corner kitty. You’ll be seeing many (if not all) of these folks again at the shower and wedding so it’s a great time to start making connections!

When She Asks You to be a Bridesmaid

  • Squeal with joy. Hug her. Get excited with her. Jump up and down and squeal. Spin around in circles together. (Sound a little bit like what you did when she got engaged? It is! But now it’s about the two of you and your friendship!) Celebrate this fantastic moment in both of your lives with gusto!

  • Immediately accept the invitation!

  • Offer right away to take the lead on organizing the bridal shower or bachelorette party so she knows she can count on you. Ask her to be connected to the other bridesmaids right away so you can become friends and start planning for her.

  • Offer to help her out in any way you can, like addressing envelopes, deciding on (and possibly making) details for the wedding or discussing the many various shades of blue.

  • Let’s be real — we all know that being a bridesmaid can be expensive. Begin saving now.

  • Gold Star Tip: Send her a special card or small gift letting her know how excited you are to be a part of her wedding (and her marriage!) Being a bride is stressful and sometimes brides have conflicting feelings that they might be asking their friends to do too much by being a bridesmaid. Alleviate that feeling right away by showing your excitement…and, more importantly, your love for her!

And speaking of asking too much of a bridesmaid….I don’t want to overwhelm YOU with too many details all at once. Be sure to check back for Part Two of The Bridesmaid’s Best Ultimate Guide to Being the Best Bridesmaid Possible!

To friendship and laughter and happily ever after,

Savvy Bride



Savannah Correll is a freelance blogger specializing in celebrations, travel and living the life of your dreams. You can find her on Twitter (@savannahcorrell) or on her blog, Project Amazing Life.


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