The Stress of the Dress: Part Three….the Final Chapter

Okay, let’s get this over with!

That’s what I said the day that I went shopping with two of my sisters and my mom. That’s also how I feel about this particular part of my wedding planning AND this blog! I mean, Part 1 and Part 2 of this story should have been enough.

After my tearful Valentine’s Day, I was apprehensive about another day of dress shopping. But my sister/maid of honor had traveled in for the day to support me so I didn’t feel right hiding under my bed. So I pulled on my big-girl-panties and hit the shops.


I was really excited about the first shop we had an appointment at. They were one of the ones I had spent a lot of time looking at online and they had several dresses that I had “Liked” (in that way that we now “like” everything on the internet.) It had also been the site that had given me the inspiration to possibly go with a little color in my dress.

In order to be as fair as possible to Caitlyn, my new sales girl, I started out with a confession… “The last time I went dress shopping, I cried.”

Consider yourself warned, lady.

She was up to the task. Even after I answered her, “Well, what styles do you like?” with a resounding, “I’m not sure,” she did not give up on me. She just brought me a few classic styles to start with, so we could start to narrow things down. See, the problem was that my confidence in knowing what I look good in had been shot by the previous “boutique experience.” Shot and then stepped on.

The first dress made me smile. Already a vast improvement over my previous forays into the dress world. The second and third were also beautiful. I was beginning to feel like a princess and see some possibilities.

At this point, I mentioned to Caitlyn, my new buddy, that I had been cyber-stalking their store for awhile now. She looked at me with a look that could only scream, “Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place!?”

When she brought out one of the dresses that I had “Liked” online, I knew we had found it. THE Dress. And then when Caitlyn, my new best friend, brought out the veil, I saw the look on my face that everyone had described to me before…the look when you see yourself in YOUR wedding dress.

Well worth the tears, both happy and frustrated…although I’m not sure my sweetie feels the same way about the frustrated tears. Not the best Valentine’s Day gift he’s ever gotten, I’m sure.

But we’ll just see how he feels when he’s the one crying as I walk down the aisle towards him in this gorgeous creation.

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