Wedding Memories….like the corner of my mind

My book club and I are currently reading Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman, a brash and ballsy commentary on everything from porn to body weight to sexuality to feminism. And she has quite the deep dive into the insanity of weddings.

Hysterical, yes. Pointed, yup. Painful? A little.


See, I get it. Weddings have gotten a bad rap over the years. They are expensive, they are time-consuming and, according to several of my friends, they are instantly forgotten.

What the what?!?!

People will immediately forget the tiny details that I have slaved over for the past 9 months? I mean, the timing has not escaped me here. I am literally BIRTHING a wedding. And my baby will not go down in the annals of history?!


Okay, okay, I’m not really shocked (and I know that you’re not shocked that I’m not shocked).

I discussed all this with a dear friend yesterday and she had the BEST response, “Well, but you will remember it all.”

YES! Bingo! That’s the ticket!!!

I will remember it all. I have been both blessed and cursed with a nearly photographic memory. And Mark will remember too (even if that means that I have to keep reminding him — seriously, the man has the worst memory possible unless it has to do with Purdue football, Drew Brees or any car that he has ever worked on or seen in his 33 years).

Honestly, I don’t expect our guests to be talking about our wedding for years to come. And if they do, I’m a little afraid that it will be because of reasons I probably won’t want discussed for years to come (let’s wait and see how it all turns out before we go deeper into that one!)

All I want is for people to have a good (or great!) time, for everyone to feel welcomed and loved and — most importantly — to my sweetie and I to say “I do. I really freaking do!”

I try to keep this reality that much will be forgotten front and center while wedding planning, especially when deciding on whether the time and expense will be worth it for a DIY project I think I just can’t live without. And while sometimes the idea does slip a little further back, it usually does help my decisions.

AND…I’m still excited about the little details we are infusing our wedding with. Some of them we’ll keep for years to come and possibly even pass on to our kids someday. Some we’ll have great pictures of. Some we’ll laugh about each year on our anniversary.

And some I’ll just have locked in the corners of my near photographic memory, a perfectly love and safe place for them to reside.

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